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Meet Our Staff

Master Jeweler and
stone setter

Steve Lynch, a U.S. Navy Veteran, has worked as a bench jeweler since 1983.  Carving, creating and designing are his favorite part of being a jeweler.  

He is proficient in all areas of jewelry manufacturing and repairs, and looks forward to all creative challenges.


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engagement ring

Whether it's that special engagement ring you have not found yet or those cufflinks you lost years ago or that old brooch your grandmother gave you that now you wear as a necklace.  

We offer on-site jewelry consultations on fabricating one-of-a-kind custom pieces of jewelry.


Steve Lynch


Master Jeweler

His story begins at the age of 14, in Barcelona, Spain as an apprentice under a master jeweler. Carlos was taught all of the "old world" methods of jewelry making, methods he employs to this day. From metal fabrication, wax carving, stone setting, platinum casting, to the obscure art of "lost-wax" casting.

He then worked in the jewelry industry for years, and that took him to Monterrey, Mexico where he honed his craft even more. Next on Carlos' journey was Texas, where he has made his home. He enjoys designing one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry for customers and carving his designs into wax.

Carlos Sapina  

Carlos Sapina is a master craftsman of fine jewelry and is well known here in northeast Tarrant county and around the world. He has over 41 years of jewelry experience accumulated over his lifetime spent in 3 different countries.

His favorite precious metal is platinum. Come in today for a custom jewelry consultation from Carlos at Richard's Custom Jewelers and we'll show you how we do business in a personal way.